All Hiking Trails
An overview of all the hiking trails.

These are trails in and around Vienna, officially created by the city of Vienna.

Stadtwanderweg 4 - Jubiläumswarte

Around the Lainzer Tiergarten
This trail leads all around the Lainzer Tiergarten. We did it in two parts on different days.

Around the Lainzer Tiergarten - Part 1
Around the Lainzer Tiergarten - Part 2

Voralpenweg 04
This is a long-distance trail that leads from Vienna along the border of the alps to Salzburg and further via Bavaria to Vorarlberg. We have started the first few parts in day-trips.

Voralpenweg - Part 1
Voralpenweg - Part 2
Voralpenweg - Part 3
Voralpenweg - Part 4
Voralpenweg - Part 5
Voralpenweg - Part 6
Voralpenweg - Part 7

Voralpenweg - Part A1

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