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Seychelles - Monday 2010/11/29

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After getting up in the morning one of the first things we saw were some cute geckos on our balcony. At the breakfast buffet we had some (freshly prepared) scrambled eggs, porridge, fresh fruits and fruit juices. Unfortunately the coffee and hot chocolate were undrinkable.

Since we had some time before our meeting with Hubert, the tour guide, we went to the beach for some swimming and snorkelling. Again we saw many fish, like some amazing triggerfish. Then heavy rain forced us to quickly leave the beach and take shelter in our room. The rain stopped again soon and we went to the lobby to meet Hubert to fix some trips to other islands we wanted to make.

With still some light rain we then went to the bus station to wait for a bus to take us to Victoria. We decided to take the longer route with bus No. 22 along the north coast to see a bit more of the island. Riding buses on Mahé is a lot of fun. They are small but very comfortable buses and the drivers are driving rather fast along the winding roads, which makes a bus ride almost like a roller coaster ride. It's also very cheap with 5 SR (~EUR 0.3) for one ride.

We went around Victoria for a bit, buying some postcards and souvenirs on the way and some stamps at the post office, before we reached the market. Unfortunately many of the stands were already closed and there wasn't much to choose from. We still bought two different kinds of bananas - a bunch of small ones and two rather thick, triangular ones (which we ate right away, delicious) - and a bag of fruits we didn't know yet which turned out to be java apples. The most amazing thing of the market was the choice of fresh fish, and the egrets walking around the fish stands to catch flies.

After the market we went to the tourist office to get some information and maps for hiking trails and bus routes. As it turned out they didn't have much information and only directed us to other places where to get it.

Our next stop was the botanical garden, where we were able to get a map of the hiking trails in the Morne Seychellois National Park.

Some of the things we saw in the botanical garden:

After the botanical garden we went to a super market to get a small snack, and from there to the bus terminal to find our bus back to the hotel. There were already many people queued for our bus so the ride back was rather crowded. We saw a (still cloudy) sunset from the bus before arriving at our hotel.

Before dinner we tried the Java apples, which we didn't really like so we gave them to someone from the hotel staff later on, who was very happy about it. Dinner was served as a menu with some choice possible.

After dinner we looked around the hotel a bit before going to sleep.

Our Balcony Gecko Gecko Gecko
Gecko Gecko Gecko Gecko
Not much tan yet... Not much tan yet... Sunset Beach Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach Underwater World Underwater World Underwater World
Underwater World Underwater World Underwater World Underwater World
Egret at the Victoria Market Egret at the Victoria Market Egret at the Victoria Market Botanical Garden - Coco-de-mer Palm tree
Botanical Garden - Giant tortoises Botanical Garden Botanical Garden - Madagascar Fody Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden - Jackfruit Botanical Garden - Jackfruit Botanical Garden - Palm spider Botanical Garden - Palm spider
Botanical Garden Botanical Garden Botanical Garden - Madagascar Fody Botanical Garden - Snail
Botanical Garden - Snails Bananas from the market Bananas from the market

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